NATO — In 2 Words, Please…

Oleg Feldgajer
9 min readMar 6, 2022


Since my previous post on NATO entitled: NATO — It’s Time To Flex The Muscle… a lot has changed. Or, should I say: “all hell broke loose”…

Putin has now unleashed his most brutal and utterly unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. And the contemporary world has not seen anything like that on the European continent since the end of WWII.

What A Difference A Week Makes…

The naïve and foolish belief in peaceful coexistence between the East and the West evaporated in less than a week. And as many politicians and political commentators predict now: the worst is yet to come…

Millions of Ukrainian women and children became refugees — overnight. And ordinary civilians are witnessing their beloved cities turn into ruins not because of some imaginary meteorites hitting the streets of Ukraine in a Hollywood movie — but the Russian soldiers shelling Ukrainian schools, apartment buildings, and hospitals from their Russian-made tanks…

Now, Ukraine is not Austria. And Putin hasn’t seen the crowds on the streets of Kyiv welcoming him — just as the Austrians cheered for Hitler in 1938. When the Nazis invaded Austria, it was Hitler’s walk in a park. Ukraine is more like a graveyard for the brain-washed and indoctrinated conscripts in the Russian army.

Instead of waving Russian flags and throwing flower bouquets at the Russian soldiers, we see elderly and sick that are brave enough to stop the military convoys with their bodies — shouting at the Russian soldiers to GO HOME…

Source: ABC

The obvious questions remain: did NATO do all it can to protect Ukraine? And more importantly, what is NATO to do now to stop the war?

The policy of appeasement toward Putin’s Russia is sinking fast — just like Titanic did. And the world needs to do much more than rearranging the chairs on the deck of a sinking ship. So, let me ask you two simple questions:

· Does POTUS still need to see the tweets from Elon Musk before North America commits to reaching full energy independence?

· Does NATO still need to see Finland and Sweden invaded by Russia before it finally acts? I don’t think so, and you shouldn’t think so too…

The Anatomy Of NATO’s Failure

As I wrote in my previous post, since Ukraine asked to join NATO for so many years, the only effective response was to warn the Russians that Ukraine will be accepted to the alliance IMMEDIATELY — after the first Russian tank crosses the Ukrainian border.

Such a response would have served as a viable deterrent. And since NATO is a DEFENSIVE alliance, it should have informed the new RasPUTIN of Russia that it will reciprocate in kind. If the Russians cross Ukraine’s border and send the tanks — NATO will send the tanks, too…

Moreover, a similar defensive stand should have been taken for Russian planes and ships. Do you really think Putin would have dropped the nukes on Ukraine if the Russian tanks shooting at the apartment buildings in Kyiv were neutralized?

Oh, please NATO, stop being so afraid of your own shadow. From Napoleon to Hitler, appeasing the deranged megalomaniacs never worked. And as Warren Buffett once said: “Predicting rain doesn’t count; building arks, does”

It is time to stop selling “lumber” to Ukraine. They need your arks, instead. This is your time to become the Ukrainian Noah — and help Ukraine to steer their ships in rough waters.

And since it is a fight of biblical proportions, the thousands of years adage: “An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth” — seems to be the most appropriate. It reminds us all that punishment in kind is the appropriate way to deal with an offense. Perhaps it’s time for NATO to dust off the good book?

And The Message Is…

Over the last 30+ years, I spoke to thousands of CEOs. And in most cases, I asked them to clearly articulate their brand in just two words — not in 2-page essays, or even in two lengthy sentences.

For example, McDonald’s = FAST FOOD; Walmart = LOW PRICES. So, Who Are You? — in two words, please…

When I looked at NATO’s website, it became clear to me: the organization needs help in articulating its mission in just 2 words. And IMHO, NATO should be all about the


One word, DEFENSIVE, says it all. Check any dictionary and it will tell you that it means “to protect someone or something against attack” — and this is exactly what NATO should be emphasizing ALL THE TIME!

Yet you wouldn’t find NATO’s Mission Statement clearly and unambiguously spelled out on their website, either. The first thing that NATO’s Landing Page does is… asking you to pick a topic:






Then, a few generic paragraphs describe: “NATO membership is open to “any other European state in a position to further the principles of this Treaty and to contribute to the security of the North Atlantic area

NATO also has what it calls the Membership Action Plan. It helps aspiring members prepare for membership and meet key requirements by providing practical advice and targeted assistance”…

And the next page: “Security in our daily lives is key to our well-being. NATO’s purpose is to guarantee the freedom and security of its members through political and military means.

POLITICAL — NATO promotes democratic values and enables members to consult and cooperate on defence and security-related issues to solve problems, build trust and, in the long run, prevent conflict.

MILITARY — NATO is committed to the peaceful resolution of disputes. If diplomatic efforts fail, it has the military power to undertake crisis-management operations. These are carried out under the collective defence clause of NATO’s founding treaty — Article 5 of the Washington Treaty or under a United Nations mandate, alone or in cooperation with other countries and international organisations”

Perhaps Putin didn’t get NATO’s Pitch Deck, either. So, it’s time to spell the organizations’ Mission Statement for him clearly and decisively: Keep doing what you’re doing and the Russian army will return back home blind and toothless…

History Will Be The Judge Of NATO

Is it too late to stand up to a Russian bully? I don’t think so, but this is just my observation. As Marshall McLuhan, one of the most brilliant minds of the 20th century once said: “Begin with a theory, you begin with the answer; begin with an observation, you begin with questions”

They say: “When it happens once, perhaps it’s a random event; and when it happens twice, perhaps it’s a coincidence; but when it happens three times — it’s a pattern!”.

And my observation is as follows: Ronald Regan made his mark not as an actor but as a great president. Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine’s heroic wartime president and a former TV star — is already being widely compared to Winston Churchill.

In the newly released movie “The King’s Man” — Ralph Fiennes successfully battles the Russian nemesis, RasPUTIN. Perhaps Ralph Fiennes could replace Boris Johnson and commission the nowadays’ King’s Men to fight the other Putin? Just a thought…

In Conclusion

No amounts of lies, deceptions, and fabrications are going to hide the truth for too long. The new generation of Russians seeking democracy and freedom instead of dictatorship, brutality, and terror — is already rising.

The Russia of 2022 is not a banana republic void from open-minded opposition to Putin’s crimes against humanity. And his imperial dreams of grandeur may soon turn into… hallucinations.

No amount of computer screens and phone sets is going to shield Putin from the wrath and fury of the peace-loving majority — abroad, and outside the Kremlin walls. Our collective responsibility is to accelerate the collapse of Putin’s house of cards and to minimize the suffering of Ukrainians.

Most importantly, you must take a stand against Putin’s lunacy. As Dante Alighieri plainly explained in the 13th Century: “May the darkest places in hell be reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis”…

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