SmartAB™ — Redefining Entrepreneurship

Redefining Entrepreneurship — one Advisory Board at a time…

If you followed my LinkedIn posts over the last 6 years, you must have noticed a great deal of REINVENTION advice. I offered my recommendations to companies and associations of all sizes — large and small. The list includes:

· Reinventing IBM

· Reinventing Virgin

· Reinventing MEC

· Reinventing GoDaddy

· Reinventing Bombardier

· Reinventing Boeing

· Reinventing Indigo

· Reinventing Booking

· Reinventing Andrew Lloyd Weber

· Reinventing XYZ

· Reinventing Associations

· Reinventing BODs

· Reinventing GovR&D

On the other hand, I also frequently spoke about Consultants and Advisors. And you can find more details in:

· CEO Advisory Wisdom — Part 1

· CEO Advisory Wisdom — Part 2

· To Be, Or Not To Be A Consultant — Part 1

· To Be, Or Not To Be A Consultant — Part 2

Taking into account that I am in the business of joining Advisory Boards and helping boost Business Development Innovation, I decided to REDEFINE ENTREPRENEURSHIP by reinventing Advisory Boards. And my ambition is to turn the Advisory Board (AB) business on its head. Welcome to SmartAB™…

So, I asked myself a simple question:

· What is the opposite of PAYING for good advice? Well, it’s getting the advice you need and… being paid to do so!

If my conclusion strikes you as odd — think again. I spoke about the Power of the Opposites in the past and you can find more info in:

· My 1001 Entrepreneurial Tales: The Power Of The OPPOSITES

SmartAB™ — The Midas of Business Development Innovation™

What I learned over the years is that it is not just technology innovation that makes all the difference. Business Development Innovation (BDI) is as disruptive as Technology Innovation and yet I see too many companies focused on pushing their product out the door — while losing ~70% of untapped revenue streams…

But how do you convince CXOs & BODs to bring the right Business Development Advisors on board? After all, we are talking about paying $5,000, $10,000, or even $20,000+ retainers each month — and not too many early-stage companies can afford it…

I am getting between 10 to 15 requests per week to join advisory boards at various startups — in exchange for “equity only” compensation. And in most cases, any meaningful charges for my AB services are out of the question…

Hence, Canada Green ESCO (CGE) designed SmartAB™ to turn AB costs into… profit centers. And we are committed to making BDI… profitable. So, this is how we do it:

· Firstly, we eliminated the need for costly retainers and replaced them with a low-cost monthly subscription fee — to access the ultimate SmartAB™ advice…

· Secondly, all your SmartAB™ subscription payments will be accumulated over time as… credits. And you will be able to convert such credits into the shares of CGE’s organically launched startups of your choice. And you will get such shares at NO COST…

As a holding company, CGE’s mission is now to launch innovative startups and we are planning to unveil the first such company in 2022. It was Warren Buffett who once said: “predicting rain doesn’t count, building arks — does”. So, after a whole decade of advising others, CGE is now building OUR OWN ARKS…

We plan to launch several moonshots — but instead of flying the rich to the moon, we’ll bring the moonshots down to earth… And for example, when CGE offers seed-stage shares at $10 per share to institutional and retail investors, you will be able to receive the shares, too — at NO COST.

The number of shares will be determined on a pro-rated basis. In the above example, if your subscription credits are worth $100 — you will be entitled to convert it into 10 shares of the startup you select ($100 credit /$10 per share = 10 shares). And if your credits grew to $1000 — you will receive 100 shares…

Granted, not all our startups will turn into new Teslas, but did you ever regret not investing in Apple, Google, Microsoft, or Amazon 20 years ago? Chances are, that even a single Unicorn in our stable will deliver a much higher return on equity than the cost of your subscription…

Moreover, we are planning to REINVENT our startups’ fundraising, too — to increase the probability of building a sustainable unicorn. And from there, we will transform future Unicorns into stallions — instead of little ponies…

Still not convinced that PAYING the subscribers instead of just collecting the subscription fees works? Well, just read about what I’ve done with Verizon 20 years ago, and let me know if I changed your mind. I wrote about it in: “My 1001 Entrepreneurial Tales: Keyword Spotting & The Magic Of Closing The Deal

Why Should You Pay Attention To What I Am Saying?

SmartAB™ subscribers will be able to monetize their BDI efforts, get the most out of disruptive marketing strategies, and improve access to untapped pools of growth capital. And we believe that monetizing your subscription dollars and converting the credits into a NO COST equity — will truly redefine the stagnated AB industry…

Moreover, as a SmartAB™ subscriber, you will be able to proudly announce that your company is now supported by… the world-class Business Development Advisory Board. And this is a huge competitive advantage that you can take to the bank…

Like it, or not — BODs serve Investors. SmartAB™ serves CXOs. We help you acquire new customers and secure untapped revenue streams by bringing a unique KEE (Knowledge, Experience, and Expertise) to unlock the power of your BDI.

So, remember this: there is not a single top athlete who does not have a coach. And yet, only 20% of CEOs are coached by Advisors. The other 80% — may never become the top performers they could have been…

Subscribe to SmartAB™ & accelerate your growth. It is time for the CEOs to take advantage of our accumulated wisdom — regardless of where your business is physically located and at what entrepreneurial stage it is…

Amateurs Do Not Use Coaches, Professionals Do… And So Should You™

Good coaches often act as trusted advisors. Great ones operate as hands-on Business Development Agents. So, our message to CXOs is quite simple:

• All the top athletes are busy competing — and use sports agents

• All the successful movie stars are busy performing — and use movie agents

• All the accomplished writers are busy writing — and use literary agents

• Aren’t the CXOs busy enough to use businesses development agents?

So, utilize SmartAB™ as your BDI agents — but without any exclusivity constraints and high costs attached…

Why Should You Subscribe To Our Services?

All SmartAB™ Paid Subscribers will benefit from the following:

1. The right to announce that a 30-yr BusinessAI™ veteran and one of the most renowned BusinessAI™ executives in the world — joined their Advisory Board

2. Subscription credits that can be converted into equity in ANY of the startups launched by CGE — at NO COST

3. Actionable answers to subscribers’ specific BD questions and our strategic recommendations…

4. Newsletters packed with Q&As and innovative BD concepts to help subscribers REVOLUTIONIZE their own business…

5. Advice on rapid commercial growth, enhanced operational efficiency, and effective financial controls…

6. Feedback on subscribers’ fund-raising collateral, investor presentations, corporate presentations, and business plans…

7. Recommendations on brand enhancement leading to generating new revenue streams…

8. Guidance on using suitable AI strategies, Machine Learning & Data Analytics…

9. Counsel on specific challenges identified by subscribers and brought to our attention…

10. A copy of my book: “AI Boogeyman — Dispelling Fake News About Job Losses”…

And one more thing… If you require more than just Advice and would like CGE to step in and take an active BD role — consider signing our Strategic Advisory Agreement (SAA).

• SAAs can be activated for the 1 to a 12-month term and help you execute your business plan

• The SAA can be canceled and/or extended at any time, you are not locked-in

• Our monthly Expense Coverage Deposits (“ECD”) are fully credited toward the Success Fee we collect on all new revenue streams and funding we secure

However, if ECDs are not an option, you can consider SmartAB™ SAAs, instead. Our SmartAB™ paid subscribers will be able to execute the SAA with no ECDs at all — and pay a higher Success Fee on closings.

Remember: imitation works best in karaoke bars, not in business. To escape the competition, businesses need to constantly reinvent and invest in Radical Innovation. SmartAB™ is the fastest route to reach such destinations…

Any questions? Let me know if SmartAB™ would appeal to you and your company, too. After all, we turn subscribers into venture capitalists — at no additional cost…

SmartAB™ — It’s Worth Its Weight In Gold™

We are on a mission to DEMOCRATIZE Advisory Boards. You will be able to read our newsletters for free, but only my subscribers will be able to turn into venture capitalists — at no additional cost…

But why do I say we DEMOCRATIZE Advisory Boards? Well, if I had a dollar for each time I hear from the CEOs that they already have an Advisor. To me, such a response is no different than saying you already bought a business book in the past and have no need to look at another one…

The truth is that building conventional Advisory Boards can be extremely expensive. SmartAB™ offers the most diversified and the most cost-effective board at the fraction of such costs. And wait, did I already mention that we turn the costs of your subscriptions into… profits?

For More Information

Please see my additional posts on Linkedin, Twitter, Medium, and CGE’s website.

AI Boogeyman

You can also find additional info in my book on amazon: “AI Boogeyman — Dispelling Fake News About Job Losses”, and on our YouTube Studio channel… Thank you.

“BODs Serve Investors, Advisory Boards Are CEOs’ Best Friends”

• By definition, entrepreneurs… solve problems. And I’ve been solving a lot of problems over the last 30+ years.

• Some problems thought me the most effective ways to expedite customers’ “buy-in” by solving the so-called “DO NOTHING” decision-making and the bias of the “STATUS QUO”. So, I wrote about it in my LinkedIn post: “The Curse Of Doing Nothing”.

• Other challenges made me realize how to deal with ambiguity and make decisions despite the insufficient data — please see: “The Power Of The OPPOSITES”. And since imitation works best in karaoke bars, not in business, I join Advisory Boards to unlock Radical Innovation.

• Good advisors help increase REVENUES & reduce COSTS. Great ones, turn COST into PROFIT centers — so I deliver the right KEE (Knowledge, Experience, and Expertise) to do so.

• Warren Buffett once said: “predicting rain doesn’t count; building arks, does”. So, while in the past, I helped thousands of Cleantech companies to succeed — now, I design & deploy our own organically grown startups.

• We launch organically grown moonshots — but instead of flying the rich to the moon, we bring the moonshots down to earth…

• Moreover, I am convinced that Digitization, IT, and Artificial Intelligence are causing the greatest disruption in the last 50 years. I welcome such ambitious transformations and my goal is to help progressive entities to embrace BusinessAI™ advice.

• As a founder of Canada Green ESCO Inc. (CGE), I used BusinessAI™ strategies in Cleantech — focused on fighting Climate Change & utility-scale Environmental Risks. In total, CGE raised $1B+ in project finance linked to solar, wind, geothermal, Waste-To-Energy (WTE), energy efficiency, and more.

• Now, I help maximize returns also in Fintech and other sectors. And I apply the same structured finance expertise I acquired through financing Cleantech projects.

• My pattern recognition abilities allow me to see what is still missing & how to maximize business offerings & profitability. And as a coach & mentor, I bring unparalleled business savvy to separate the wheat from the chaff…

  • What I learned over the years is that it is not just technology innovation that makes all the difference. Business Model Innovation is as disruptive as Technology Innovation and yet I see too many companies focused on pushing their product out the door — while losing ~70% of untapped revenue streams…

Subscribe to SmartAB™ at: Substack

Disclaimer: The opinions are my own. If you require professional guidance about taxation, accounting, or legal issues — please contact qualified lawyers and certified accountants. Thank you.




I used #AI in #Technology, #Finance, & #Renewable #Energy for 30-yrs. Now, I help #VC/#CVC during due diligence of AI investments & advise their portfolio Cos.

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Oleg Feldgajer

Oleg Feldgajer

I used #AI in #Technology, #Finance, & #Renewable #Energy for 30-yrs. Now, I help #VC/#CVC during due diligence of AI investments & advise their portfolio Cos.

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