SmartAB™ Wisdom #2: Embrace Metaverse

Is Metaverse On Fire?

In my LinkedIn post “Content Is Eating The World”, I wrote: “Exactly 10 years ago, Marc Andreessen from Andreessen Horowitz, coined his famous phrase “Software is eating the world”. And he wrote in a Wall Street Journal that: “we are in the middle of a dramatic and broad technological and economic shift in which software companies are poised to take over large swathes of the economy”

Marc Andreessen was right. Not all the executive statements are created equal, and what he observed so accurately 10 years ago — most definitely takes the cake. Guess what, 10 years later, we are facing a brand-new phenomenon that is equally profound and far-reaching. IMHO, this is the decade of: “Content is eating the world”

And like in the case of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the greatest enabler for consuming more content over the last 10 years can be easily attributed to the significant technological advances in Virtual and Augmented Realities (VR/AR).

VR/AR Advances

According to Wikipedia: “In virtual reality, the users’ perception of reality is completely based on virtual information. In augmented reality, the user is provided with additional computer-generated information within the data collected from real-life that enhances their perception of reality. For example, in architecture, VR can be used to create a walk-through simulation of the inside of a new building; and AR can be used to show a building’s structures and systems superimposed on a real-life view.

Some AR applications enable users to apply digital objects to real environments, allowing businesses to use augmented reality devices as a way to preview their products in the real world. Similarly, it can also be used to allow customers to preview what their products might look like at home through the use of 3D models.

Augmented reality differs from virtual reality in the sense that in AR part of the surrounding environment is ‘real’ and just adds layers of virtual objects to the real environment. On the other hand, in VR the surrounding environment is completely virtual and computer-generated”.

A good indicator of the VR/AR advances can be measured by the amount of Venture Capital (VC) investments in such companies. As reported by Crunchbase: “Last year’s fourth quarter was unlike any other as far as to venture interest in the VR/AR space. Nearly $1.9 billion of venture capital rolled into startups in the virtual and augmented reality software and hardware space — more than any quarter ever. That year-end bump helped make 2021 the second-best year ever for VR/AR investment with nearly $3.9 billion of venture coming to startups”.

Yet the earth-shattering VR/AR lever was activated in late Oct 2021 — when Facebook rebranded itself as Meta. To Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, it’s all about the unification of disparate digital worlds into a metaverse. Hence, Meta’s corporate logo resembles an infinity symbol that unifies such worlds.

Mark‘s stated goal is to transform Facebook from a social media company to a metaverse company — over the next five years. And he believes that: “The metaverse is the next evolution of social connection and company’s vision is to help bring the metaverse to life”.

Once more, according to Wikipedia: “A metaverse is a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social connection. In futurism and science fiction, it is often described as a hypothetical iteration of the Internet as a single, universal virtual world that is facilitated by the use of VR and AR headsets. Recent interest in metaverse development is influenced by Web 3.0 — a concept for a decentralized iteration of the internet”.

What once was limited to the developments within the gaming industry, is now spreading like wildfire to other industries, too. And CB Insights believes that “The metaverse could represent a $1T market by the end of the decade”.

It lists an impressive number of companies building the layers of the metaverse ecosystem, including cloud computing, networks, semiconductors, hardware/software accessories, visualization tools, blockchain, payment systems, crypto exchanges, NFTs, virtual concerts, real estate, work, and so much more…

And while the stock market is watching the performance of Meta Platforms Inc., Sony Group Corp., Microsoft Corp., Alphabet Inc., Apple Inc., Inc., Unity Software Inc. (U), and Nvidia Corp. (NVDA) — the list is rapidly expanding from year to year…

From Vrilock to VRilock Psionic Metaverse™

Imagine the delight, when one of the recent subscribers to my SmartAB™ services, — asked for advice on its Business Development strategy. I was also invited to join Vrilock’s Advisory Board (AB) and became its AB Chairman.

The company is a premium content provider, and IMHO — it is MARVELously prepared for a deep dive into Web 3.0. With the extensive library of existing titles ranging from E-books, Audiobooks, Paperbacks, Online Courses, Online Lectures, Role-Playing Games (RPGs), existing and upcoming NFTs — VRilock is now planning to incorporate a brand-new spin-off, VRilock Psionic Metaverse (VPM) Inc., and bring crowdfunding and leading Metaverse institutional investors onboard to accelerate its growth.

VPM Inc. will be awarded a perpetual license to sell and distribute all the Intellectual Property (IP) already developed by, its parent holding company. This includes all the comic books and comic strips based on the beloved figure of “Herr Doktor von Vrilock” — with thousands of loyal fans and paying customers from all around the world.

Crowdfunding To the Rescue

Recently, I wrote another post: “Redefining Venture Capital With Equity Crowdfunding”.

In my post, I spoke about the evolution of Crowdfunding and observed the following:

1. For starters, Sand Hill Road will be less traveled. After all, Digitization, IT, and Video calls — made the need for physical contact with a VC office… less necessary. And COVID-19 simply validated such thesis — with great force…

2. And if a single Equity Crowdfunding platform puts 1M+ of hungry investors in front of the founders — how could the shiny and expensive offices on Sand Hill Road compete? And what about 10MM, or 100MM Crowdsourcing social network platforms of the future?

3. For years, the founders were led to believe that they need to be “introduced” to the GPs by a “trusted” intermediary… Cold calling or unsolicited emailing was not advised, and every “respectable” VC firm would screen the referrals using the entire army of specially trained gatekeepers…

4. The evolution of Equity Crowdfunding brings a cure for such snobbery — and it is not at all because someone, somewhere decided to “stick it” to the VC incumbents… Do you still remember the existence of the Gentlemen Clubs of Victorian England? Well, they perished, too…

5. MHO, disregarding Crowdfunding by the VCs is like insisting on manufacturing the horse buggies when the first Model Ts started to roll off Detroit’s production lines in 1908…

6. And pre-seed funding, in particular, is a great fit for the Equity Crowdfunding model. Such funding is already gaining enormous prominence by the day… Only a few years ago, most investors treated IDEAS as time a dozen. It was all about: show me your TEAM and show me your TRACTION.

7. Who would have thought that people like Mark Suster from Upfront Ventures, would now openly say: “The bet that we’re making is now more on the founder skills and vision than on customer adoption of a product”.

Granted, some Crowdfunding platforms are more attuned to the creative crowds than others. Hence, I saw a great fit to launch VPM’s Crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. And I am pleased to let you know that such a campaign has already started…

To begin with, VPM asks a simple question: “If J.K. Rowling offered a similar crowdfunding opportunity in 1997 and you walked away — would you live without regret in 2022?”

And to demonstrate its deepest thanks and humble gratitude to supporters, VPM will DOUBLE the pledges as CREDITS toward purchasing VPM products (eg. Ebooks, Audiobooks, Online Courses, etc.). So, for example, if one contributes $100, he/she will be able to order $200 worth of VPM merchandise…

In addition, in a truly REVOLUTIONARY manner, VPM will use the same DOUBLE CREDITS to award FREE shares in VPM Inc. — if it is preferred by the supporters instead of ordering more merchandise.

Although it is still hypothetical, if chosen — the shares will be issued during the first institutional financing round of VPM in 2022 and will carry the same rights and privileges received by other investors at such time. How cool is that!

For More Information

Please see my additional posts on Linkedin, Twitter, Medium, and CGE’s website.

AI Boogeyman

You can also find additional info in my book on amazon: “AI Boogeyman — Dispelling Fake News About Job Losses”, and on our YouTube Studio channel… Thank you.

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I used #AI in #Technology, #Finance, & #Renewable #Energy for 30-yrs. Now, I help #VC/#CVC during due diligence of AI investments & advise their portfolio Cos.

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Oleg Feldgajer

Oleg Feldgajer

I used #AI in #Technology, #Finance, & #Renewable #Energy for 30-yrs. Now, I help #VC/#CVC during due diligence of AI investments & advise their portfolio Cos.

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