SmartAB™ Wisdom #2: Embrace Metaverse

VR/AR Advances

From Vrilock to VRilock Psionic Metaverse™

Crowdfunding To the Rescue

For More Information

AI Boogeyman

  • Until now, bringing exceptional business development advisors wasn’t easy. In most cases, it was simply too expensive. And equity-only compensations — were not attractive enough to draw in the rainmakers
  • Welcome to SmartAB™ — a radically innovative Advisory Board service offered as a low-cost monthly SUBSCRIPTION
  • Since BODs serve investors, Advisory Boards (ABs) are CEOs’ best friends™. And we turn Business Development costs into profit centers — one AB at a time
  • Enroll in SmartAB™ at Substack. When companies and their BODs don’t know how SmartAB™ can help — it’s REGRETTABLE. Knowing but not following good advice — is UNFORGIVABLE



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