SmartAB™ Wisdom #9: Apply The Sutton Rule To Survive The Venture Capital Crash…

Once Upon A Time… Past Market Crashes & All That Jazz

Let The Good Times Roll…

VC By The Numbers, Today…

The 80/20 Rule To Leveraging Your Marketing Dollars

In Conclusion…

For More Information

AI Boogeyman

  • However, until now, tapping experienced advisors wasn’t easy. It was too costly for many companies that are low on cash. And equity-only compensations were often not attractive enough to draw in the rainmakers
  • Welcome to SmartAB™ — a radically innovative Advisory Board service offered as a low-cost monthly subscription. And for the first time, many VCs, CVCs, and PEs can now recommend SmartAB™ to the investees — without seeing their equity stake diluted by stock options offered to advisors
  • I’ve been saying it for years: imitation works best in karaoke bars, not in business. To escape the competition, businesses need to constantly reinvent. So, enroll in a SmartAB™ subscription at Substack and turn Business Development COST into… PROFIT centers



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